A comprehensive look at our funding options

Postgraduate Certificate in Foundation Phase Teaching Fees and Payment Structure:

The below figures are the total fees, which include registration for all modules, library access etc. There will be no additional costs relating to the completion of your programme.

Contact (full time)
Distance (part time)
Registration Fee
ZAR 500
ZAR 500
Programme fee
ZAR 45,000
ZAR 50,000
Programme Start Dates
  1. 11th March 2023: Distance Programme only
    • Our Distance programme starts on 11th March 2023, and will be delivered over 24 months part-time. The Programme fee (shown above) covers both years of your part time programme, split evenly over each year (i.e. ZAR 25,000 per year)

  2. July 2023: Contact and Distance programmes
    • Our second cohort, starting July 2023 (date TBA), will be in both Contact and distance Modes
    • If you are interested in our Contact programme, you will have to wait for our July cohort. Please apply now and state your preference, and we can enrol you in that programme.

Instill Education is committed to reducing the barrier to access for all applicants. We are pleased to offer multiple innovative student financing solutions and options in collaboration with a wide range of providers.

The following payment options are available:

Payable upon registration
ZAR 500
ZAR 500
Cash Plan (5% discount for upfront tuition fee)
Registration fee and full payment of fees for the current year of study.The 5% discount is only applicable to those paying up front
Cost: ZAR 44,500 (ZAR 42,275) (Save ZAR 2,225)
ZAR 49,500 (ZAR 47,025) (Save ZAR 2,475)
Plan A (bi-annual)
Initial registration and the balance to be paid in two instalments
ZAR 22,250 x 2
ZAR 12,375 x 4
Plan B (termly)
Initial registration and the balance to be paid over 4 instalments
ZAR 11,125 x 4
ZAR 6,187.50 x 8
Plan C (Monthly)
Initial registration and the balance to be paid over 10 monthly instalments for contact programme / 20 monthly instalments for distance programme
ZAR 4,450 x 10
ZAR 2,475 x 20
Plan D (Extended finance plan)
Initial registration and the balance to be paid over a period of between 24 (contact) and 48 (distance) months. This is just an indication but will be presented to each student according to their financial abilities
* ZAR 1854 x 24
*ZAR 938 x 48

Current Financing Solutions:

Traditional Student Financing

We have partnered with Student Hero, South Africa’s largest student finance facilitation service. Together, we will ensure that you can access the financing you need to complete your programme of choice. :

Income Sharing Agreement (ISA)

We have also partnered with Wafunda, South Africa’s leading provider of ISAs. This innovative financing mechanism means you don’t take on debt, or have any major monthly payments to make until you’ve secured a job and a salary. (A commitment fee of R120 per month is applicable). At that point, you start paying a percentage of your salary towards the overall cost of your degree programme. This option grants you access to the WaFunda community and different support services such as financial literacy and work readiness programmes.

Distance Learning

The total fees for Instill Education’s distance learning provision for the PGCE in Foundation Phase Teaching are ZAR 35,000 (including the registration fee of ZAR 5,000). 

The acceptance/registration fee must be paid on or before registration, and registration will only be processed once this fee has been paid in full. Please note that a bursary/sponsorship letter is not sufficient proof of payment in this regard.

For students in distance programmes, we offer flexible payment terms, including:

  1. Paying at the start of each semester (ZAR 7,500 per semester) on the following dates: 11th July 2022 (1st semester), 14th February 2023 (2nd semester), 17th July 2023 (3rd semester), and 12th February 2024 (4th semester).
  2. Paying over 16 months (ZAR 1,875 per month starting 11th July 2022, payable on the 1st of each month).
  3. Paying over 24 months (ZAR 1,250 per month starting 11th July 2022, payable on the 1st of each month).
  4. Paying over 30 months (ZAR 1,000 per month starting 11th July 2022, payable on the 1st of each 

Bursaries and scholarships

We do not currently offer bursaries or scholarships, but are working to secure funding for future programmes. Our current set of finance options will ensure that nearly all applicants will receive funding to undertake a programme. 


We are here to help you choose the right financing option for you. If you have any questions please reach out to admissions@instill.education