Self Pay

Unlock your future with flexible payments: Upfront payment discounts, easy instalments or extended finance options.

Why is this a good option?

The variety of self-payment plans available provides unmatched flexibility, allowing students to select a plan that aligns with their financial capabilities. This approach not only facilitates better financial planning but also ensures that students can concentrate on their studies, free from the worry of unexpected costs.


Flexible Payment Solutions: Tailored plans ranging from upfront payments to extended monthly instalments cater to diverse financial needs.

Transparent Pricing: Total fees are clearly outlined from the beginning, with the assurance of no hidden costs until program completion.

Incentives for Early Payment: Those able to pay tuition fees upfront benefit from a 5% discount, providing significant savings.

Eligibility Criteria

All applicants are eligible for these financing solutions upon payment of the R500 registration fee, a critical step in securing their enrollment. Post-registration, students are free to choose the payment option that best suits their financial situation.

Distance Student Mode

Payment Options Available
  • Plan A: R24 750
    (2X Installments/Months)
  • Plan B: R12 375
    (4X Installments/Months)
  • Plan C: R2 475
    (20X Installments/Months)
  • Plan D: R1 031
    (48X Installments/Months)

Contact Student Mode

Payment Options Available
  • Plan A: R22 250
    (2X Installments/Months)
  • Plan B: R11 125
    (4X Installments/Months)
  • Plan C: R4 450
    (10X Installments/Months)
  • Plan D: R1 236
    (36X ' Installments/Months)

Student Loans

Explore a range of external financing options that can provide prospective students like you, the financial assistance to fund your future. Please visit each organisation’s direct pages for more information and funding application assistance.


FUNDI offers funding to government employees or dependents of government employees. It covers tuition, device loans, and a stipend. Eligibility includes being a South African citizen, earning a minimum of R2,500 post-deductions, and not being under debt review.


SETA Bursaries are available for unemployed South African citizens who’ve completed Matric. This bursary covers Tuition fees, Learning materials, Accommodation, and a stipend.

Student Hero

Student Hero is South Africa’s largest student finance facilitator and serves as a single point of contact to help current and prospective students to learn about, apply or and qualify for study funding from multiple educational finance providers. Student Hero connects students with financing by coordinating with a financially stable sponsor.


SmartFunder is one of the biggest bursary and educational finance administrators in South Africa and was launched with a vision to make education in South Africa more affordable and accessible.

Download SmartFunder Information here 

Disclaimer: Instill Education is not responsible for the processing, approval, or outcome of external financial aid applications submitted by students. While we strive to provide support and guidance regarding financial aid options, decisions regarding external financial aid awards are made solely by the respective granting organizations. Students are encouraged to thoroughly review eligibility criteria and deadlines for external financial aid opportunities and to submit applications in a timely manner. Instill Education is committed to assisting students in navigating the financial aid process but cannot guarantee the receipt of external financial aid awards.


Study now, pay later. CHANSEN’s Income Share Agreement (ISA) allows you to finance your education upfront and repay the cost as a percentage of your income once you secure a stable job. This model is designed to perpetuate educational opportunities by using repayments to fund future students, ensuring ongoing access to education.

Why is this a good option?

The CHANSEN Income Share Agreement (ISA) offers an innovative financial model tailored to ease the burden of educational expenses. By allowing you to defer tuition payments until after you have graduated and secured stable employment, the ISA aligns your payment obligations with your financial success. This unique approach minimizes the risks typically associated with funding higher education and ensures that financial constraints do not deter your academic progress.


No Upfront Costs: Start your studies without initial financial barriers.

Income Based Repayment: You only begin repayment once you earn over R5000 per month, which ensures that repayments commence only when you are financially ready.

Flexible Repayment Cap: The repayment amounts are capped, which protects higher earners from disproportionate repayments.

Contribution To Future Students: Your repayments aid in financing the education of future students, fostering a sustainable cycle of educational opportunity.

Eligibility Criteria