Meet the Class Rep: Vutomi Ringane

Navigating Instill From Afar: A Distance Learner’s Rep Journey

Hey there, Instill fam and fans! Vutomi Ringane here, your newest Community Engagement and Development class rep. Now, before you picture me strolling the halls of a bustling campus, let me clarify – I’m a distance learner, conquering the world of education from the comfort of my own space.

So, why did this distance learner dive headfirst into the world of student representation?

Well, here are a few reasons:

  • Level Up My Communication Skills: Let’s face it, distance learning can sometimes feel isolating. I wanted to take the chance to hone my communication skills and truly connect with my fellow classmates.
  • Champion Your Needs: We all deserve a stellar learning experience, and I wanted to be your voice, advocating for the things that matter most to you. Think better resources, smoother online processes – the whole shebang!
  • Building Bridges, Not Walls: Here at Instill, the motto is “education for all,” and I believe that includes fostering a strong connection between students and the institution. I see myself as the bridge, ensuring your concerns are heard loud and clear.

Being a distance learner and class rep does come with unique challenges. How do you create that sense of community when you’re not physically there? Here are some of my ideas:

  • The Instill Buddy Program – Distance Edition! Picture this: you, a brand new student, paired with a seasoned distance learner like yours truly. We can swap stories, share tips, and navigate the ins and outs of Instill life together, virtually of course.
  • Transparency is Key: Keeping you in the loop is my top priority. Expect regular updates on everything from upcoming events to any changes that might affect your learning journey.
  • Alumni Powerhouse: Let’s face it, once an Instiller, always an Instiller! I’m excited to explore how we can stay connected and involved even after graduation, with alumni programs and events.

Bonus Tip for Aspiring Teachers: If you’re reading this and considering a career in education, here’s a nugget of wisdom: find your passion and let it fuel your learning journey.

As for me, my passion for student well-being will definitely be a driving force in my advocacy work! Want to chat, share ideas, or just say hi? Don’t be shy – reach out! Together, we can make the distance learning experience at Instill truly stellar.